Monday, 24 February 2014

#JumiaMadness - 50% OFF Playstation 4 Every 1 hour today......

Jumia is giving away 50% off a Playstation 4 Every 1 hour today. This offer is limited to only Jumia website, You can save N65,000 just by joining in the search every 1 hour.
How can you buy the ps4 at 50% off? Simply go to the #jumiamadness page during the countdown, there will be a ps4 on the website that will be in various categories on the website. All you need to do is to search during the hour and find it in time. There will only be one to buy every hour.
So if you don’t buy this hour, keep searching you can still buy the Playstation 4 with 50% off for N64,995.
Remember it is fastest fingers. Start scouting now.
Visit to start searching for the ps4 at 50% off. From 9am to 12midnight.

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