Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lagos theatre festival Tickets now available online

All the city’s a stage’

The British Council today announces the 2nd edition of the Lagos Theatre Festival, the largest ever outdoor theatre festival to take place in the city which will run from 28 February  to 2 March 2014 at Freedom Park Old Prison Road, Lagos Island from 1:00pm daily.

Look Left Look Right, a Multi award winning interactive theatre company based in the UK will premiere their new production Make We Wakka a collaboration with Nigerian performers that invites the audience to take part in an intimate promenade performance, exploring the hidden corners of the space. Using an audio guide, participants will delve into the world of the Park and the stories it has to tell. Buy ticket for make we wakka Here

Other Plays Showing at the festival

"Waiting For A Lottery" by Oxzygen Koncepts
There is a bar in Lagos where there is no good or bad; where all pretences at right and wrong stop at the door. This place is known as the “Queen of the Night”. Buy tickets Here

"Diagnosis" by Waiting Nigeria
Johnnie and Dan are good friends who have gone through hell and high water to escape the realities of Lagos living. They decide to pull off internet scams on innocent victims. Finally, they strike a chord with an Adeline. Buy tickets for play Here

"Queen of the Night" by Renegade Theatre
Lotteries, like auditions, have provided gateways to success and stardom in Lagos - a dreamland surrounded by the waters of survival, dreams and ambitions.  Waiting for a Lottery is a fraudulent reality of one’s struggle for the Golden Fleece borne by the adage of the donkey and the carrot. The play mirrors the opportunities that create the platforms for mediocrity. Buy ticket now Here

Buy your tickets online now on Jumia

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